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Institut pour la coopération transfrontalière

Professional competences

Lecture/ training series: „Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitssicherheit über Grenzen hinweg“ (employment protection and job safety beyond borders), since 1994.

Lecture/ training series: „Polizei-Justiz-Gendarmerie“ (police-justice-gendarmerie), since 1999.

Lecture/ training series: „Erneuerbare Energien“(renewable energy), 2005-2011 (since 2011 in partnership with TRION).

Local Association for Cross-Border Cooperation – Chances and Challenges of a new legal form, 2004.

European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) – A Chance for the Upper Rhine Valley?, 2007.

The concept of „ Gemeinwesenarbeit / Politique de la ville“ (community work) in Germany: case study of the city of Offenburg, IRA Metz, 2004.

Rescue services within the cross-border context of the Upper Rhine Valley, expert group “Health” of the Upper Rhine Conference, 2005.

Preparation for the avian flu pandemia and infection prevention at airports: a German-French-Swiss comparison and exchange of expertise within the Upper Rhine Valley, expert group “Health” of the Upper Rhine Conference, 2005.

Prevention of excess weight and adiposity, expert group “Health” of the Upper Rhine Conference, 2006.

Important questions for cross-border workers in case of a pandemia. Upper Rhine Conference, 2008.

Kick-off-seminar of the expert group „Seniorenarbeit“ (seniors’ work) of the Eurodistrict Strasbourg-Ortenau, 2007.

The German-French cooperation in the field of probation monitoring, requested by the responsible institutions in Baden-Württemberg and Alsace, 2008 – continued in 2010.

Sustainable construction in the Upper Rhine Valley, Weberhaus, 2007.

Preventing violence in schools, catalogue training, 2007.

Triangle-partnerships, InWEnt (“Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung”, international organism for counselling and training in the field of management), 2007.

Energy efficiency in buildings – Energetic redevelopment of buildings. Commission “Climate protection” of the Upper Rhine Conference, 2009.

Cantonal/regional planning in the Upper Rhine Valley. Expert group “Regional planning” of the Upper Rhine Conference, 2010.

Demographic change and its impacts on public administration. Ministry of internal affairs of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, 2010.

Economic promotion in the Upper Rhine Valley, catalogue training, 2010.

Women – a substantial contribution for the economic development of the Upper Rhine Valley! Possibilities and developments within the three countries (Germany, France, Switzerland), Upper Rhine Conference, 2010.

Cultural Policy in the Upper Rhine Valley – characteristics, objectives and possibilities in Germany, France and Switzerland, catalogue training, 2010.

Integration of young people into the world of work – The situation in Germany, France and Switzerland, catalogue training, 2010.

    - Cross-border network management – Case studies and critical factors for success out of the European practice, 2007.
    - in France and Germany, 2012.

Lecture/ training series in partnership with INFOBEST Kehl/ Strasbourg:
    - rSa, Alg II, welfare: means to secure the margin of substance in France, Germany and Switzerland. Catalogue training, 2011.
    - Excess indebtedness and private insolvency in France and Germany: which crossborder stakes? Catalogue training, 2012.

Lecture / training series in partnership with the ESTES (Graduate School in Educational and Social Work) in Strasbourg: French-German workshops – Controversy in social work, since 2011.
    - Community work and territories.
    - The „activation“ – A role model for social welfare in times of crisis?
    - Social welfare systems: origins, competences and challenges – A French-German comparison.
    - Children’s rights / Parent’s right, 2 approaches for a same dilemma – A French-German comparison.

Development and organization of study-visits:
    - in the field of town and urban planning as well as urban development policy, for the students of the ENTE (National School for Equipment Experts), 2004, 2005.
    - in the field of urban redevelopment and suburb management in Germany, with the examples of the cities of Karlsruhe and Heidelberg, prefecture of the Champagne Ardennes Region, 2005.
    - Biliguism at school, Group of Deans from Denmark.

Cooperation with the Eurodistrict Strasbourg–Ortenau:
    - Forum 2011 “Multimodality in a cross-border context”
    - Forum 2012 "Green Economy - New perspectives for cross-border cooperation"
    - Forum 2013 “Biliguism and labour market”

// Programme de formation

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