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Institut pour la coopération transfrontalière


Involvement in a feasibility study for an Atlantic/Pyreneen Euro-Institut (need assessment, partner searching, funding, selection of the legal form). Eurocité Basque, in partnership with the MOT, 2005.

Analysis of the training needs for the public sector in the cross-border context of the Greater Region (Saarland, Lorraine, Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg, Rheinland-Pfalz, German-speaking Community of Belgium). Ministry of the Interior and Sports of the federal state of Rheinland-Pfalz, 2007.

Process analysis and development of proposals for the organizational optimization of the "Central Services" unit of a French-German Institute (400 employees), in partnership with ViaRegio and Prognos AG, 2007.

Development of a legal study on the touristic development of the cross-border site around the fishway of Gambsheim (F) and Rheinau (D) (on the Rhine) and on the appropriate organizational forms for the overall management of the project. Cross-border tourist office Rheinau / Gambsheim, 2007.

Study on the legal and organizational forms for the building-up of a cross-border youth hostel, requested by the towns of Scheibenhard (F) and Scheibenhardt (D), 2008.

Counselling for the DEZA (Schweizer Direktion für Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit - Swiss Board for Development and Cooperation) for the development of an implementation strategy for the Swiss cohesion policy for NMS on the subject “regional development”. Requested by the DEZA, 2008.

Concept development and implementation of a system for optimizing early recognition of relevant EU-regulations for the federal state of Baden-Württemberg ("Subsidiarity-radar"). Ministry of State of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, 2008. Currently in progress.

Comparative study about the governance structures in the border regions involving Germany, Bertelsmann foundation, 2009 (updated in 2011).

Literature review, implementation of the process and drafting of the contribution of the Upper Rhine Valley to the "Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion: Turning diversity into strength" of the European Commission. Upper Rhine Conference, 2009.

Counselling for the two Euro-regions "Cieszyn Silesia" and "Silesia" (at the Polish-Czech border) in building a cross-border structure for counselling, management and decision-making. Regio PAMINA and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2007.

Assistance in a feasibility study on the establishment of a Euro-Institute at the Slovak-Czech-Polish border. OLZA (PL), since 2009.

Expertise in the framework of the MORO project "Trans-regional partnerships in integrated crossborder areas" (the partners of the MORO project: Regio Aachen, regional associations Middle Upper Rhine, Southern Upper Rhine, High Rhine-Lake Constance, Lake Constance-Upper Swabia as well as Saarland): "Cooperation and governance structures in integrated cross-border areas - analysis of existing cross-border cooperation structures at different levels and regarding different spatial layouts (Upper Rhine Valley, SaarLorLux and Aachen-Lüttich-Maastricht)", 2009-2010.

Mid-term evaluation of the INTERREG IV A Upper Rhine program for the period 2007-2009.

Managing authority for INTERREG IV A Upper Rhine, 2010.

Study on the development of training concepts in tourism in the Metropolitan Region Upper Rhine and on the feasibility of a cross-border study program in tourism management. INTERREG IV A “Upper Rhine Valley” – Project “Tourism in the Trinational Metropolitan Area Upper Rhine", 2010-2011.

Counselling in the planning and implementation of a cross-border study program, especially in the field of intercultural sensitization, University of Upper Alsace (project RegioChimica), INSA - Institut National des Sciences appliquées de Strasbourg / National Institute for Applied Sciences Strasburg (project DeutschINSA / German INSA), 2009-2010.

Study on the implementation of an impact assessment toolkit for cross-border cooperation. Centre for Cross Border Studies, 2010-2011.

Elaboration of a business plan for the establishment of a cross-border information and counselling centre (INFOBEST) in the Euregio Rhine-Mass. Province of Limburg (NL), 2011.

Study on "Bilingualism and cross-border employment - study on the economic importance of multilingualism for the labour market in the Upper Rhine Valley and in the Greater Region (SaarLorLux)". Foundation “Entente Franco-Allemande” (FEFA), 2011.

Evaluation of the implementation of the German-French framework agreement on cross-border cooperation in the field of health. French Ministry and German Federal Ministry of Health, 2012.

Feasibility study on the establishment of a Catalan Euro-Institute at the Spanish-French border. University of Perpignan, 2010-2012.

Study on the development of a "cooperation agreement on urban and regional planning in the Upper Rhine Valley". Upper Rhine Conference (in partnership with ADEUS – Agence de Développement et d’Urbanisme de l’Agglomération de Strasbourg / Agency for development and town planning of the urban area of Strasbourg). Currently in progress. 23.07.2013

Analysis on the impacts of the role of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region as Managing Authority and National Agency in the implementation of the four INTERREG programs in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region for the period 2007-2013. Nord-Pas-de-Calais (in partnership with ViaRegio), 2012.Currently in progress.

Evaluation in the framework of the preparation of the future INTERREG V Upper Rhine - Evaluation ex ante of the program, Région Alsace - Programme INTERREG Rhin supérieur (in partnership with ViaRegio), 2013. Currently in progress.

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